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Through articles by experts, The Holy Land Review aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the complex situation of the Holy Land. Covering religious, cultural, biblical, archaeological and ecumenical issues. The Holy Land Review (52 color pages) is a magazine published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter).

Videos from the Holy Land

Terra Santa News 04/08/2017

I will ask for happiness and peace for you, Jerusalem!

Mary Magdalene: The woman who fought for holiness and for the announcement of the Good News

Sepphoris, the ancient capital of Galilee in the time of Jesus

Terra Santa News 28/07/2017

Pope Francis calls for moderation and dialogue in Jerusalem

From Syria to Jerusalem: a fabric shop in the old city

Jerusalem and monotheistic religions: symbols, behaviors and daily life

"Harmony among peoples": dance and culture in Bethlehem

Inauguration of the Russian Compound

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